Electrical Wiring Kit

Improve the safety and efficiency of your electrical wiring lessons with the RealCareer Electrical Wiring Kit, a portable, battery-operated kit that includes out-of-the-box electrical wiring exercises and a one-of-a-kind assessment kit.

Electrical Wiring Kit



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  1. EWKCurricSample

    This 13-hour curriculum is comprised of lessons and exercises on general electrical wiring for common household and building wiring. Topics include Electrical safety, wiring basics and electrical principals.

    • 3 lessons
    • Presentation slides
    • Student handouts
    • 16 wiring exercises
    • Teacher guide

    Exercises are to be used with the Wall Panel Demonstrator.

    Electrical Wiring Kit Curriculum Overview

    Product Catalog and How To Order


    • Wall Panel Demonstrator
    • Electrical wiring components:
      2 single Pole Switches
      2 3-way switches
      3 15A duplex receptacles
      2 ceramic lamp holders
      1 ceramic lamp holder, with pull chain
      20 feet of 14-2 NM-B with ground wire
      13 feet of 14-3 NM-B with ground wire
      25 standard wire connectors
      1 roll of black electrical tape
    • Electrical Wiring Assessment Kit
      2 Breakout Boxes
      2 Light Socket Testers
      3 cables: Breakout Box Cable, Outlet Cable and Socket Tester Cable
      4 AA batteries
    • Student Exercise Workbook
    • Downloadable Electrical Wiring Kit Curriculum
    • 1-year limited warranty

    Product Catalog and How To Order

  2. Use the Electrical Wiring Kit to:

    • Teach electrical wiring basics
    • Demonstrate correct wiring techniques
    • Conduct student-led electrical wiring exercises
    • Safely identify and correct issues at a glance
    • Improve classroom management and safety

    Curriculum topics covered:

    • 16 exercises for skill development
    • Electrical wiring safety
    • Basic wiring skills
    • Introductory electrical theory
    • Outlet, light, and switch circuits
    • Standard electrical symbol

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