Auscultation Trainer

Use the Auscultation Trainer to teach students correct stethoscope placement as well as how to accurately recognize heart, lung, and bowel sounds. The three components of this unique trainer make practice scenarios realistic and customizable: the torso, RealityScope, and tablet with app. The clear torso details major organs for easy auscultation site identification. The RealityScope connects to any stethoscope to let students hear heart, lung, and bowel sounds when placed over a corresponding auscultation site. The tablet includes an app programmed with 21 sounds and over 40 scenarios. This enables instructors to create specific practice sessions as needed. For added realism, each sound is an actual recording engineered to sound correct through the stethoscope. Sounds play only when students move the RealityScope over a precise auscultation site and apply the correct pressure. Students can also practice rib palpation through the included skin overlay. See details on the two purchasing options below.


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Auscultation Trainer Package Contents:

  • Auscultation Trainer torso
  • Tablet with app
  • RealityScope (stethoscope attachment)
  • Storage case
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Online access to Introduction to Auscultation curriculum

Auscultation Trainer Class Pack Contents:

  • Auscultation Trainer torso
  • 5 tablets with app
  • 5 RealityScope (stethoscope attachments)
  • Storage case
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Online access to Introduction to Auscultation curriculum


Introduction to Auscultation

Lesson topics:
1. Identify auscultation sites for heart, lungs, and abdomen
2. Demonstrate the correct pattern for auscultation
3. Recognize abnormal cardiac, respiratory, and abdominal sounds

Teaching hours: 1-2
Includes: Presentations slides, student activities and pre- and post-assessments

Introduction to Auscultation Curriculum Overview

Introduction to Auscultation Curriculum Sample

Auscultation Trainer Scenarios List

Health Science Curriculum Overview


Career Preparation

What careers can the Auscultation Trainer help students prepare for?

  • Auscultation training is essential to many career options: Respiratory Care Practitioner, Patient Care Technician, Sonographer, Nursing, EMT and other healthcare providers that will be listening and diagnosing heart, lung and bowel sounds

What types of classes use the Auscultation Trainer?

  • This trainer would be a benefit to many beginner RN, BSN and EMS training courses. Some examples of specific classes include: Practical clinical skills, Clinical Foundations, Pathology, Auscultation LAB: Heart and Breath Sounds: Practicum, Cardiovascular Education and more

General Usage

How can I use the trainer torso and app with my students?

  • The app allows users to select what individual sounds to play in their respective trainer torso locations, as well as which conditions to implement in an assessment scenario. Students can conduct independent practice with the trainer torso, and instructors can use the app to edit the assessment mode and create desired scenarios for student testing.

What comes with the app?

  • The app includes a library of more than 40 scenarios that include a variety of heart, lung and bowel sounds. Those scenarios are divided into “practice” and “assessment” modes. In practice mode, students only hear sounds associated with the selected condition. In assessment mode, students hear normal sounds everywhere else except in the affected location on the trainer torso.

How does the RealityScope work?

  • The RealityScope fits on any stethoscope to turn it into a “smart device.” When users place the RealityScope over corresponding auscultation sites on the trainer torso, the correct heart, lung or bowel sound will be heard. Instructors can use the app to control which scenario the students are listening for.

Do I need a stethoscope to use the Auscultation Trainer?

  • Because the sound emitting from the RealityScope is designed to be amplified through a stethoscope, we recommend using a stethoscope with the Auscultation Trainer to ensure realistic practice sessions.

How do I select the best Auscultation training package?

  • The best package will vary based on the need. If you wish to use the Auscultation Trainer only as a mode of teaching, then the first package that includes one of everything should be enough. If you wish to use the Auscultation Trainer as a hands-on learning tool among multiple groups of students, then we recommend the class pack.

Is there a risk of interference if there are multiple tablets in the classroom?

  • No, each RealityScope only interacts with one tablet.

Can the instructor customize practice scenarios?

  • Yes! The app can be customized to highlight only certain sounds, or independent versus group practice sessions.


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