Knife Skills Kit

Use the Knife Skills Kit to create interactive activities for up to six groups simultaneously. The included curriculum and provided materials focus on proper cutting procedures and safety. The six sets include cutting boards, finger guards, culinary cuts rulers, reference posters, modeling clay, and knife cut models.


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  • 6 cutting boards featuring inch measurements and scale lines
  • 6 finger guards
  • 6 rulers featuring Mercer Rules™
  • 6 sets of 3D knife cut models
  • 6 sets of 2 posters: “Measurements & Conversions” and “Common Knife Cuts”
  • 6 sets of modeling clay
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Online access to curriculum
  • Quick Start Guide


Understanding Basic Knife Skills

Lesson topics:
1. Safe handling and storage of knives
2. The anatomy of knives
3. Knife cuts

Teaching hours: 2-3
Includes: Presentation slides, student activities and pre- and post-assessments
Aligns to: National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Culinary Knife Skills Curriculum Sample

Culinary Knife Skills Curriculum Overview

Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum Overview


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