Shaken Baby

By dramatically depicting how an infant’s brain is affected by just a few seconds of shaking, the RealCare™ Shaken Baby simulator and included curriculum helps increase awareness of the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome and child abuse.




Combined with a curriculum that helps establish a plan for coping with an inconsolable baby, the Shaken Baby simulator provides critical information and a powerful demonstration.


Target Audience
Use this Shaken Baby simulator as a powerful demonstrator in:

  • Child abuse prevention courses
  • Childbirth, prenatal and parenting classes
  • Health occupations and child care career courses
  • Family and consumer sciences, child development and health classes

Product Support

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    The single-lesson Understanding Shaken Baby Syndrome curriculum includes a lesson plan, activity instructions and slide presentation. It takes one hour to complete and covers:

    • Why babies cry
    • How to create a plan for frustration and stress
    • Helpful ways to soothe crying babies
    • A pledge to never shake a baby
    • Signs and symptoms of SBS
    • Physical results of SBS-related brain injuries
    • Meets National Education Standards including Family and Consumer Sciences: 4, 6, 7, 12, 13, 15, and Health Education: 1-8

    Shaken Baby Syndrome Sample Lesson

    Shaken Baby Syndrome Curriculum Overview

    Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

    Product Catalog and How To Order

  2. It features:

    • Realistic look and feel
    • Clear head equipped with LED lights
    • Emits lifelike cries


    • RealCare™ Shaken Baby (batteries included)
    • T-shirt
    • Cloth diaper
    • Curriculum
    • 5-year warranty
    • "When Babies Cry" DVD (from The Shaken Baby Alliance)

    Save money by purchasing RealCare Shaken Baby, RealCare Drug-Affected Baby, and RealCare Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby together with a storage case, and deliver a breathtaking, high-impact message about the tragedies of child abuse and substance abuse.

    Product Catalog and How To Order

    • Requires 4 C batteries (included)
    • Weight: 7 pounds
    • Length: 21 inches

    Product Catalog and How To Order

  3. These products provide a consistent, safe experience for students before going into a clinical setting.  They have the opportunity to handle these babies in different ways; to know what is safe; and how to bathe and swaddle them; to understand how to approach them.

    Jessie Daniels, NAU Skills Lab Coordinator, National American UniversityDownload Full Story

    The Babies are a boost to anyone's program. Having a product like this makes teaching much easier. It's the little hook that gets students and parents excited and teaches them so much.

    Kelly Lang, FACS Teacher, Fairport High School, Fairport, NYDownload Full Story

    “There is a substantial amount of child abuse in NM, and a need for education as a potential preventative measure, given the significant morbidity and mortality in our state,” said Christopher Torrez, MD, Pediatric Resident Physician, PGY 3 at UNMH . “The doll leaves a lasting impression on our parents. Often, when we complete the 7-month follow-up, one of the things they remember the most is interacting with the doll.”

    University of New Mexico Hospital Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention and AwarenessDownload Full Story

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