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RealCare Baby Support Video - Getting Started Tutorial (23:03 min)

RealCare Baby Support Video - Charging Baby (2:34 min)

RealCare Baby Support Video - Baby Lights (1:39 min)

RealCare Baby Support Video - Finding the Help Guide (1:37 min)

RealCare Baby Support Video - Demonstrate Baby (4:47 min)

Support Documents 

Help Guide - Getting Started
Getting Started
How to Demo Baby
How to Charge Baby
Control Center Software - System Requirements


Q: Can Baby be used around artificial pacemakers and other medical devices?

A: Yes. Our products are designed and tested to meet international electromagnetic compatibility and safety standards that ensure they do not interfere with the normal operation of other electronic devices. Furthermore, we rigorously assess our products against a variety of safety directives to ensure that our products are safe for all users that use or come into contact with them.

Q: How do I demonstrate individual care events? 

A: Select “Demo” on the Control Center Software. You can adjust the length of time for the care events, and the quiet time between care events. You can have the care events run just once or continuously, in sequential order or random order.

Q: How will I know when it's time to recharge the battery module? Make sure that Baby is unplugged from the charger before proceeding!

A: The Control Center Software will report the battery charge. There are 5 dots that indicate the battery charge. 

Q: What do the 3 colored lights on the Baby's back mean? 

A: The red light is the battery charge indicator.

The green light is the charging indicator.

The yellow light is the communication indicator. 

Q: Can I get updated versions of Control Center Software?

A: Yes, updates are FREE. In Control Center, click on “Help” and select “Check for Updates” to download the most recent revision of Control Center. Do this every few months to make sure your software stays current.

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